Designed for both teletherapy and in-person therapy.

Your Therapy Note-Taking, Simplified!​

DocuDeer is a HIPAA compliant, therapy note-taking, and progress tracking tool for Speech-Language Pathologists.


How can DocuDeer save you time?

DocuDeer will help you prepare for your therapy sessions, record data, and automatically calculate the data into reports to easily track your client’s progress.

Caseload Calendar

Easily schedule and organize your caseload.

Goal Bank

Quickly write goals by selecting prewritten goals from a goal bank.

SMART Goal Assistant

Get help writing your SMART goals.

Session Data Recording

Easily record data during or after the session.

Automatic Reporting

Easily track goals and progress by having data automatically calculated.

HIPAA Compliant

Know that your data is safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

Lu & Maria

Why did we create DocuDeer?

The DocuDeer Story

DocuDeer was created by the husband and wife duo, Lu and Maria. Lu is a software designer. Maria is a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Each evening, around the dinner table, as they shared their days with each other, a common theme and frustration seemed to always appear for Maria. Maria was working extra hours, usually unpaid, on tasks associated with writing therapy notes, recording session data, calculating reports, etc. Much of the work was manual and repetitive, using spreadsheets and paper. Although Maria’s process was organized and efficient, it was still a time suck. There had to be a better way!

They looked around but couldn’t find a good solution. So they set out to create a solution together which now has evolved into DocuDeer. 

Get early access

HIPAA compliant, therapy note-taking and progress tracking tool for Speech-Language Pathologists.

DocuDeer is currently in private beta. During our private beta, as we refine DocuDeer, we are giving access to a limited number of SLPs. If you would like early access, complete the form to request early access.

If you sign up for early access, you’ll receive exclusive perks such as special beta pricing for life.

Free for Grad Students & CFY Clinicians

We are providing DocuDeer for free to all grad students and SLPs in their clinical fellowship year. Make the approriate selection when completing the form.